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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 25, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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this is a video of me changing my daughter. >> it stopped this dad while he was giving hands-on advice. now we feel his pain and find out what was he thinking. >> i wasn't thinking about nothing but getting water. >> a road rally truck goes way offcourse. >> see why where there's spoke, there's fire. her name is hanna.
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she wanted to make a cancer commercial. >> cancer is no fun, but it's a little bit fun. >> how she is looking on the bright side to help others be brave. plus, how you could win a new ipad mini with today's buzz word. >> and what happens when after careful consideration this dude decides to try hardcore. >> this is a video of me changing my daughter. the face wi mace will stop somebody. >> he is trying to teach her to stay safe. >> the thing you don't know yet, daughter is in on this entire little experiment. she is not just being talked to, she has the mace.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> he got sprayed right in the eyes. people around the camera are dying laughing. he can't now figure out where he is. he had a plan. he has a sink already full of water. >> that was the camera look at his poor face. >> oh, no. >> lesson learned. i think he was effective in teaching her. >> let's find out. because we have richard houston also known as dale via skype right this minute. this is pretty brave of you to put yourself through this for your daughter. did she learn the lesson? does she know mace will take down an intruder. >> if it will take her dad down, it will take anybody had a mask?
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>> i wanted her to see the real effect. i wish i had one. i wanted it to be all natural. >> describe what this moment felt like and what you were thinking after you got sprayed? >> at the moment i wasn't thinking about nothing but get my water, and my friend to stop pulling at me. we had a miscommunication. i had water in the sink and he tried to get me through the bathroom. i got hurt, but i was proud because she got me. >> what do you think about this video garnered so much attention online? >> it's something you don't see, i guess. i wanted her to have confidence. >> some people are seeing this video saying it can't be real. that's not really mace. >> i've got two witnesses. my daughter will tell you. if you look on my arm as i'm walking in the front door, you'll see the red pepper spray all over my arm when she got me right in the eyeballs. i had to sit in front of an air conditioner about two hours after. i moved, i got instantly hot. >> poor thing.
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>> you're a good dad. pretty sure these rally drivers may have had to change their pants after this racing incident. check these guys out in a racing rally truck getting offcourse just a little bit. the truck tumbles over and a bunch of spectators see that and start to run over to help. they are quickly stopped. because the whole truck erupts in flames. you see the right side door open up. a driver bail out and run. thankfully, his co-driver got out of that vehicle. both drivers not seriously injured. one suffering minor burns to his face. >> that is crazy. how quickly that erupted. >> it probably broke the tank when it crashed and covered the truck with gasoline and immediately ignited. >> if you look carefully on this truck as it comes speeding by, the back end of that flat bed
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truck you see the fuel cells. the roll bars protecting the fuel cell. all you need is a leak. >> this next video from a norway drifting event. one car comes speeding by followed by what looks like an official truck. the camera follows that truck. watch out. >> it skims the wall. >> it goes flying on by. these are drift carts. these mean to fly and drift around the turn. looks like he is maybe trying to give the spectators a bit of a show and got too close. >> never pays to show off. the spectacular images of the volcanic eruptions from this volcano keep coming in and they are as spectacular as ever. the pictures of the lava flow keep exploding, creating these magnificent fountains of hava.
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sometimes throwing lava more than 100 feet in the air. >> i wish i could see something else around it. >> you don't want to get around it. you want to stay away a safe distance just to catch the images we can all see. it's hot and dangerous. from the beginning of these eruptions to now, it is the equivalent of what the 1980 eruption of st. helen's was. its magnitude is actually huge. on the volcanic scale it's already a category 5. it's not a destructive volcanic eruption because it's been happening over time. >> that's on my bucket list, somehow see volcanic activity in action before i die. >> here is another video of the volcano which is, again, amazing to see just how high these lava explosions are getting. >> you know what it's like? it's like a molten geyser.
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it's going straight up, then like, i'm going to put on a show. lots of ipad mini winners already. laurie clark of kentucky is our greatest winner. congratulations. we are giving away another ipad mini in a little bit. >> you are going to need wednesday's buzz word, be 18 years or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. >> there you see panda meeting new bovi friends, and along with jazzy. jazzy is the smaller brown jersey. you are being introduced to the other cows at this animal cow rescue. the sanctuary is in california
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where they have 300 farm animals. this is a farm animal rescue. >> that is their speciality. yeah, another one that didn't become a hamburger. >> excuse me, sir, but you were going in the wrong direction. >> this is a dangerous mission. snapping turtles, not exactly friendly. so many baby turtles. >> oh, my gosh, they are tiny. >> they are the size of a watch. >> all these turtles were in the street. >> these were in the middle of the street, but she says she executed a snapping turtle rescue. >> be free, my friends. >> everybody is safe. >> there are so many baby turtles. >> an epic climb becomes more memorable for these guys when -- >> point the camera up toward
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the diving board. >> oh, snap! are you joking? >> the story behind the shot of a lifetime. >> words can't describe. >> it's a project that's been nine months in the making. >> see the beautiful way a family welcomes member number four. >> oh! what a great photo. bulldog: [yawning]
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i think this qualifies as a trip of a lifetime. life long buddies brian and jim decided they were going to go climb half stone at yosemite national park. it's one of the most classic climbs in the world. about 2,000 vertical feet of climbing. just a trek to get to the base of the vertical climb is a long and arduous journey. you can see just what a
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spectacular trip it was. one of the most remarkable moments of a very remarkable and memorable trip. watch this. the morning of day three, the guys wake up getting ready for some of the last and final pitches. the sun just barely cracking over the horizon. >> that's gorgeous. >> right. that's brian with the red jacket. jim holding the camera. point the camera up toward the diving board. watch what they see. look. there's somebody already up there. >> oh, snap! are you joking? >> two human beings jumping off the diving board fliers come blasting down the mountain past jim and brian. a shot of a lifetime, a moment to cherish.
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it's spectacular. brian joins us right this minute. brian, when you and jim looked up what were you guys thinking? >> at first, we thought that somebody jumped off. we thought it was the end for them. within a second, it looked like a squirrel flying right at us until they flattened out. for jim to have the camera on at that second we just got lucky. it was uplifting. the adrenalin was a shot in the arm right when we needed it. we were tired. >> it's not legal to base jump in yosemite? >> absolute not. it's a federal offense. they would be in real trouble. it was exhilarating. the sound when they came by, words can't describe. >> wing suit aside, what was it like when you got to the top finally? >> we felt like we were rock stars. >> of course, the was a fun climb. brian and jim are raising money for the wounded warrior project. they are going for a $10,000 goal. so far they raised $7,200.
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>> september is childhood cancer awareness month. who better to talk about cancer than someone who's experienced it. >> i'm hanna and i'm 5. >> hanna wanted to make a cancer commercial. she was diagnosed with cancer. she's had multiple surgeries. she's undergone chemotherapy. she's experienced so many things, but it's amazing to see how resilient and how she is so aware. >> chemo has medicine to kill the cells that are growing the tumor. and the medicine keeps going and going to try and kill it. it also makes the cells to grow and my hair fell out. so i have something called radiation also. it's pretty fun cause you get to
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sing along. they have butterfly stickers. you get to have butterfly stickers. >> the fact she has such a positive outlook on radiation, one of the most difficult parts of cancer treatment. she is excited abo t "frozen" cd and butterflies. >> and she wants to tell other kids, it's not that bad. >> if you have cancer, don't worry because i am brave and you can be brave also. >> oh, are you kidding me? >> i'm happy to say hanna finished chemo at the end of august. the very next day she started kindergarten. scans show there is no evidence of cancer. 120 pounds of luggage, 11,000 miles, one year. >> all on a bike. >> next "right this minute."
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still to come -- dude is going to attempt to ride over that ramp. you think he is going to make it? >> no. >> why this trick falls flat. plus the wednesday buzz word you need.
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we are at the world cup. we are in switzerland where this guy is trying to attempt to get his bike over that round thing. you think he is going to make it? >> no. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> wait. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> he is a little bit hurt. i think his pride was most hurt and the bike. >> at least he wasn't going back. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you all right? >> from switzerland to toronto. if you are on a roof and there is an empty alcohol bottle, it's probably not a good idea to put on somebody's mom or grandmom shoe shoes and try this.
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>> watch that again. >> that was not needs a sound effect like ahh! >> it's not a complete fail. >> yes, it is. >> he made the gap. >> he didn't nail the landing, but he nailed his face. >> have a video project for you guys nine months in the making. it's pretty obvious to tell exactly what is going to happen here. this whole thing is time lapsed footage. it's photography of the nine-month process of baby growing in the belly of mom. this is mark and his wife and their adorable toddler analie. do you recognize these folks? they had a huge viral hit when they did a similar video
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welcoming little amalie who is now a toddler into the world. that video has more than 11 million views. it's a similar idea, but this time it's baby number two. as they so lovingly put it, it is their second nine-month project. you can tell they have a toddler because you'll watch as her belly grows. you see toys thrown everywhere, cleaned up, then toys are out everywhere again. >> i like how they included amalie. it's hard to keep a toddler out of the way. instead of saying, go play with your toys, they included her and made her part of the video. >> in comes amalie. in comes dad mark. she is dragging him in. she is holding mom's belly. she goes in for a kiss and watch. what a great photo. >> then there is little milo. now they are a family of four. all right, everybody.
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it's ipad mini give away time. >> you need the buzz word, be 18 years or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipa enter on facebook, r both. you can enter on each every day. >> time to reveal wednesday's buzz word. it's tornado. >> go over to, click on the win ipad button and enter tornado. canine's got a new rap video. this is for the dogs. >> this my dog. >> why this birthday beat is sure to get the party started. female announcer: save up to 35%
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>> i'm old enough to remember back in the day where mtv used to play videos. let's go back in time to trl.
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that was the popular music video countdown show. >> let's join jersey and bryce for what's at the top of the rap charts. >> it's your boy canine. you know how he likes to party. going down the street with my windows wide open ♪ going past the park where my buddies just go ♪ party with my friends ♪ it's my dog's birthday ♪ this my dog's birthday >> this is a dog birthday rap song which is genius because it's i all for the dogs. ♪ the first bowl of the day is so great ♪ get to move to the park ♪ who's going to bark ♪ you's going to park >> he's being all gangster in the beginning of the video, then
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he's an awesome dude because he is throwing the dog a birthday at the park. ♪ today i grant all your birthday wishes ♪ that's why i brought you female dogs ♪ >> bitches. >> what? >> female dogs. he's classy. he got to run in the park. these are all the things your dog wants to do. ♪ this my dog's birthday >> that's it for "right this minute," everybody. we'll see you next time.
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a man with a machete tries to stop a terrible fight. how it led him to grab a child instead. >> that hawk looks like he's a goner because -- >> that snake is double wrapped around. >> when the hawk goes all houdini to escape. >> a social experiment by a woman who wanted to reach out and connect with strangers. >> she tells us what she asked


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